The Music Bar TEEN BEAT is a bar for music lovers!

It carries the name of the legendary "TEEN BEAT" magazine published in Japan from 1965 to 1968. The owner is Takuya Kawai, son of Akio Kawai who was the publisher of "TEEN BEAT.
The bar is divided into two parts: event time from 6pm to 8pm and bar time from 8pm to 11pm. During the event time, special guests will be invited to present a talk show in the form of a dialogue. Admission for the event time is 3000 yen. The first admission is free for those who have purchased the special Beatles preservation issue of Teen Beat. If you have already purchased the book from Amazon, etc., please bring the book's obi and it will be free.
伝説の音楽雑誌ティーンビート ビートルズ特集保存版

During event time, guests can enjoy rare records brought in by guests. The bar's sound system is 3 speakers + subwoofer for clear sound.
Record players are compatible with 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 72 rpm. (We are currently using a personal record player belonging to a guest.)
Guests can enjoy the record jackets they bring in and display them on the counter like a gallery.
The small bar, with seating for 12, has a friendly atmosphere with a close proximity between guests and visitors.
The bar's glass windows are decorated with covers from 1960s-era Teen Beat magazine.
Menu is in cash-on-delivery format. Cash is not accepted. Traffic IC cards, QR code payment, and credit cards are accepted.

You can enjoy the friendly talk of special guests who love music while drinking.IMG20230211192135

We will be open every weekend night! Please come!

Please refer to the Japanese page for hours of operation.